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We’ve been shortlisted as finalists in the 2017 SME Business Awards

Having evolved from a print-led design agency to a successful creative studio that encourages forward-thinking in our clients through the projects undertaken for them, our core focus is always to expose those of our clients in strait-laced industries to the value of creative thinking and demonstrate how important the way they communicate is, by challenging their status quo.

We’re achieving this for clients in the cyber security, data consultancy and healthcare sectors, which often have a habit of sticking with the way things have always been done, but with our help are beginning to understand the value in using creativity to communicate complex and serious ideas and insights.

We also have a passion for our home in the Midlands and our biggest goal this year was to reach out to companies here to show how we can help make each other stronger. Doing this allowed us to reach the point where we could engage in our own act of local charitable giving, and we’re now in collaboration with the KidsAid Foundation Charity, providing ongoing design work to support their activities delivering creative therapies to children, which makes an important impact on our young adults of the future.

‘‘Our efforts to focus on our home-grown business community have been worth it…we’re really proud to be giving more local businesses a clear, confident and creative voice, and strengthening our client networks here has allowed us to create jobs and partner with local professionals in our industry – boosting the creative industries as a whole in this part of the country is always something we work to support,’’ Christina Bomben, Account Manager.

The award categories we are finalists for include the Stanair Community Business of the Year, and the Best E-Business of the Year. Both reflect our main activities and where we are as a business this year, and we aspire to be able to build on it into the future.

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