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Print Vs Digital

To get your business noticed can be a bit of a challenge and there are a number of ways for doing this. YUMYUM can help and guide you with which options are best for you, your company and your target audience. Here we explore the benefits for both print – flyers/brochures and digital -websites.


In this digital age, print marketing can have a bit of a black cloud hanging over it, with some businesses believing that perhaps this option is out-dated or lacks impact. YUMYUM, however, feels it shouldn’t be discounted and print marketing still holds a valuable place in the world of advertising for promoting your company and brand.

It’s important to see whether print media is relevant for you. Firstly, consider who your customers are and what kind of people your business attracts. Not everybody is computer competent and maybe feel more comfortable reading information which is right in front of them and to hand. This then also provides the option for the reader to keep the material and research shows that roughly 48% of people do this to refer to the details again when it’s required.

Another benefit for print, without even really noticing, is the actual size of the flyer. This limited space means the details that you put on your flyers needs to be concise as well as engaging. You won’t run the risk of boring or overloading your audience by writing everything and anything your company does.

This tight, succinct information isn’t always easy to get right as you are passionate about your business and want to be able to showcase all of the features, products or services your company provides. That’s where YUMYUM can help. We’re able to pick out the key points that will get across to your audience all of those things in a relevant, punchy and descriptive way.

The added benefits of this condensed information, is that it works as a taster teaser for your potential customers who will be drawn in to find out more about you. This intrigue can be a powerful tool for creating a buzz around your company, product or services, with around 44% of people who have your printed marketing will investigate your business further.

With flyers, you also have the option of networking with other companies who already have an established presence. If you visit a company which is related to what you do and ask to leave some of your flyers with them, then their customers may soon become your customers and visa versa.

Flyers are very quick to produce and YUMYUM can create eye catching designs and content to get you started with promoting your business with a strong brand identity.

People who have read a company’s printed material are 40% more likely to then go on to try that business, which are statistics that shouldn’t be over looked.


There are huge advantages to having a website and in this internet driven age there aren’t many companies without one, with around 70% of business who are online.

The vast benefits to having a website are that you are no longer limited to an area; you can branch out nationally, even globally, which is not as achievable with print advertising alone. The potential reach you can create is immense.

As with print, you can network with other companies by asking them to have your link on their website to help push interest your way. Visibility online can be difficult to get right but fortunately YUMYUM has the tools for this and can guide you along the way. Social networks and blogs are useful for putting you on browsers’ maps, such as Google. Around 57% of businesses acquire customers who have read their blogs. If you’re unsure how to go about creating an interesting blog then that’s what we’re here for.

Unlike printed media, you have the flexibility of using as much information as you require. Again you do run the risk of overwhelming your customers with too much detail. YUMYUM has years of experience for focusing on what is relevant and needed to make your website engaging and to keep your brand consistent throughout the site.

People are able to access your website at any time, day or night and this accessibility is something more and more customers are after. Around 76% of online browsers will, if they see something they like, buy it immediately. As a consequence your site needs to be able to provide. This instant result from reading product description to purchasing is vital and YUMYUM is able to make this a smooth as well as intuitive process for your customers.

As your website is live, it’s important to keep your site fresh, so unlike flyers, you have the power to be constantly updating your site. Whether it’s by writing an interesting blog or adding your latest product, this will keep your customers returning for more. There is a 54% higher chance that a customer who has already made a purchase from you will be back again and this repeat custom is crucial for any business. By keeping your website current and updated, you strengthen your chances of keeping hold of your existing customers.

You can’t underestimate the power of advertising. Here at YUMYUM we feel that really, it’s pretty crucial to have both, with roughly 76% of businesses using digital and print in conjunction. The flyers help draw people to you services/brand which then can lead nicely to your website. Really, your website is the true driving force behind your company for scope and by having KA-BOOM on your flyers, the print and the digital all tie in well together. With YUMYUM’s advice, along with out expert knowledge, there is very little risk in not maximising your reach or getting customers to sit up and notice your strong branding.


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