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Our Young People Need All The Support They Can Get

A Great Northamptonshire Charity Turns 10 This Year

Children’s charities are popular, but in a sea of many organisations, it can be difficult for them to make their voice heard.

In Northamptonshire, there’s one charity who approach from an often-overlooked angle, focused on healing the hurt, but determined to prevent worst case outcomes in childhood trauma. The women behind the organisation are resolute in making sure that the money raised in the county stays here, for those that need to benefit from it.

KidsAid are the only charity who proactively go out in search of young people who need their help, or are likely to in the future, because they know how important the experiences they have are in shaping the adults they will become.

With expressive therapies, they help these young people learn to process and communicate their traumatic experiences, and have received overwhelming feedback from parents and schools on the difference made to the children’s behaviour and wellbeing.

As the charity turns 10 this year, YUMYUM Creative Solutions have pledged to donate by way of their design expertise and will work on providing a new website and strategic help to enhance the charity’s influence.

“It is important to articulate the seriousness of the impact that trauma manifestation can make in the lives of our future adults and their relationships. We aim to develop designs that help KidsAid communicate their aims, achievements and needs clearly, and that raise the profile of their work” – Ricky Conaghan, Director

“The support being provided by YumYum Creative is something we would not have the money or energy to do – our time and effort is best spent with the children and their families, so we are very grateful for all the support that YumYum and other local businesses provide” – Suki Bassi, KidsAid

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