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Discovering a Brand

Walking into Momentum Bioscience in Oxfordshire it feels clean, spacious and well-equipped, as is to be expected from a lab handling pathogens that cause infectious disease. Welcomed by the pragmatic yet easy-going manner of the team, you can feel their drive to achieve the goals they are working on for the world of healthcare.

Branding inspiration can be taken from exactly this; real, ordinary elements of the company, its people, its values and its environment – the brand is already there, it just needs to be discovered, much like science. For Momentum Bioscience, the brand is the white coats, the bright green and blue gloves they must wear in the lab, the personality and aptitude of the people, and the path they are taking against the threat of antibiotic resistance.


As a design team, the challenge is finding the right balance between our knowledge, and theirs and our point of view, and theirs. As the project moves into fruition, each side learns something. We might be biased towards certain design principles. Client side, they might be biased toward their internal language and position.

Sometimes we depend on each other’s biases and points of view to create something better than either of us would have solely. Naturally, we depend on each other to make our businesses better, too.


It’s all about the ‘why’, for everybody. The greatest challenge we had was considering the different user perspectives to be targeted, and catering to them all in the context of a microbiology lab who manufacture diagnostic products. Getting across why the activity of this brand is different and why it matters for all users was the crucial element. The aim was to guide the user towards having the ‘lightbulb moment’ where the connection is made, and the content and context presented to them has an impact.


The structure and clarity of information provides the frame for this context. The design needed to say ‘we are competent and organised in thinking differently; we know what our vision is and why people should care about it’. We used the principles of visual hierarchy and engagement to tell this story – our primary proposal when working with businesses is the value of having real photography. It literally shows, not tells of, the people, the colours, the atmosphere and the work. Itǯs often from this basis that a brand comes to life and becomes discoverable.

Pair this with the most urgent information, and the audience are more likely to remember your name.

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